10 Best Web Design Companies - November
  • 1. Fantasy Interactive

    #1 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    Visit the Fantasy Interactive website (http://www.f-i.com/) and find a list of impressive clients. This New York and San Francisco based company, is disruptive in their approach and goes for a total re-imagining from the ground up for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and USA Today. Fantasy Interactive creates powerful connections between people and brands with a heavy bias towards aesthetics and innovation.

  • 2. Ignition Creative

    #2 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    Ignition Creative is named a best web design agency because of the heavy hitting client list they have procured. 2014 was a great year for them, touching major motion pictures including The Hobbit and The Hunger Games as well as Netflix power houses like Arrested Development. They offer a full advertising design service and include web design and digital marketing as a part of that mix. The creative mission undertaken by Ignition Creative can be summed up by their statement to prospective employees… “We’re after talented people who are just as passionate about storytelling, technology, and pop culture as we are.”

  • 3. Huge Inc

    #3 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    Huge creates experiences that transform brands, grow businesses, and make people’s lives better. They center their work on digital business and integrated marketing by creating products and services that transform organizations for the digital economy and building brands and driving sales with a cross-channel, digitally-led approach to communications. They use small teams to work on big challenges in honest collaboration with their clients. Their interdisciplinary teams have big ideas and design and prototype from day one.

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