10 Best Web Design Companies - November
  • 1. Custom Software Lab

    #1 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    Custom Software Lab specializes in creating software applications for businesses both large and small. They have over 100 years of combined experience in custom software and have built websites for almost every industry. Custom Software has experience building websites for well-established companies as well as start-up businesses. After a comprehensive survey of their client’s needs, they offer a comprehensive package to fit their needs. They can offer both desktop and mobile applications that are tailored to each and every individual client. They can also offer packages that lower their clients’ overall costs while improving efficiency.

    Custom Software Lab specializes in services like web design, web development, custom business software, mobile applications, logos and branding design, ecommerce storefronts, online marketing SEO and white label development.

  • 2. 352 Media Group

    #2 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    352 is just the average rags to riches marketing company. They began their web design business in a fraternity house and now have a designer office space where they meet with clients and strategically plan websites. They started in SpyderWeb Page Creation and have expanded to a team of over 60 people in three offices. They strive to let customers know that they haven’t forgotten their roots, though. Even though they’ve made it big, they still remember where they came from. Some of their clients include big names like Porsche, Ben & Jerry’s, American Express, Wells Fargo, CNN, Heritage Healthcare and Superpages.com. They even do some web work for their alma mater—the University of Florida.

  • 3. Buildrr

    #3 of 10 Best Web Desing Companies of 2014

    Buildrr has a 10-week system that employs a team of specialists, each working on a separate part of their clients’ web design to ensure the end product is exactly what the client is looking for. They employ marketers, digital strategists, designers, communications specialists, developers, project managers and business developers to create one product that stands out above the rest. Their process starts with their 10-week web building experience to create an interactive viewing experience. They move on to their “draw a crowd” phase that includes pay-per-click and email marketing. Their optimize phase maximizes ROI; this is where their team of specialists continually work on website and advertising campaigns to get the most out of your money. The automate phase ensure the website is as efficient as possible. They help clients find ways to save extra money and reduce their advertising budgets while maximizing customer retention. They provide on-going support to customers throughout the process and pride themselves on exceeding expectations.

    Their services include strategy consulting, including web design, web development, mobile development, conversion optimization, search optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, video marketing and email marketing.

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