Bandujo New York, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies August 2015

New York, NY    

Bandujo is a design firm based in New York that offers advertising and branding solutions through a customized website that integrates branding, ads, social media marketing and digital media. Bandujo boasts a team of creative that are dedicated to clear and effective communication through targeted ads. Bandujo strategizes its communication through visual campaigns that involve traditional methods as well as digital and social media marketing. Bandujo also boasts its expert responsiveness and reliability. They ensure quality work and content, as well as flexibility by listening to your needs in order to offer the best service there is. Bandujo’s clients include The New York City Health Department, Chase and Conde Nast. They offer ways in order to engage consumers and website visitors through stimulating content and marketing. They also produce quality content with creative integrity and promising marketing potential targeted towards a specific audience.