Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies January 2015

Merritt Island, FL    

When was the last time you knew up front how much it would cost to have a custom web site built? Whine about cost trepidation no longer: at, you not only know the tab up front but your budget won’t crash and burn when you get the invoice. Visit the website: Read about what you can expect, from clean custom web design, fast page loads and social media links. Peruse package pricing that covers a Basic Design (one each: home, contact, privacy, about us and products pages) for $399, Professional Design consisting of one each: home, contact, privacy and about us pages, plus eight product pages at $799 and a cost-friendly Business Website Design package that includes 1 each: home, contact, privacy, about us pages and 4 product pages for $599. Afraid you won’t get the usual bells and whistles rolled out by a majority of sites offering custom design? You’re in for a surprise. A service whose time has come, pre-priced custom web design gets our attention because it levels the playing field and earns a top custom web design companies nod: Even under-funded start-ups can have a professional website thanks to CustomBizSites.