Hudson Horizons New York, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies January 2015

New York, NY    

When Hudson Horizons founders jumped into custom web design, they knew competition was daunting, but they were audacious enough to ignore the risks, launching the firm in 2003. Not only do clients love the work this innovative firm churns out, but the agency was named a “best places to work” in New Jersey by NJ Biz, so a happy band of designers, geeks, researchers, designers, marketers, artists and writers hunker down over every web design project ready to have fun. Hudson staffers are particularly fond of rehabilitating the websites of business owners who have had negative experiences courtesy of other design firms and switching horses in midstream has proven fortuitous for clients who have seen serious results from Hudson Horizon brainiacs and creatives. ( The Hudson mission includes delivery of exquisite design, intuitive functionality, social and search priorities and optimal high traffic search engine exposure via Google, Yahoo and Bing that transcend “a few hip Facebook statuses.” Hudson is founded on keeping it real, keeping it cool, keeping it consistent, keeping it going and keeping it smart. Oh, and keeping it passionate—which is how this small firm wound up on our list.