Huge Inc. Atlanta, GA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies October 2016

Atlanta, GA    

With headquarters in Brooklyn, Huge is a leading international digital agency. The company has branches all over the world. This shows that the company has been doing an excellent job at helping businesses with their branding issues. Therefore, managing to grow and expand with time.

The company’s success is owed to the strength and skill power of its teams. Huge maintains small but very efficient teams. The teams are composed of personnel from different functions, working in collaboration with clients, to give the customer nothing but the best. Throughout the projects, the teams maintain utmost transparency with clients. Also, the customer is kept first at all times. This way, lasting bonds with clients are made. This also leads to client referrals.

Theirs is a simple process involving of three steps. First, the teams try to learn their clients- How they operate, what their ideals are, their way of conducting business, and what they hope to achieve through the web design. After this first step, next is an iteration. Huge’s team will come up with rough drafts and present them to clients. If the client is satisfied, they will go ahead to finish it off. However, if clients are not satisfied, the team iterates until the customer gets exactly what they want. Finally is the launch. The complete web is launched. All through, every bit of energy, being channeled towards transforming people and businesses through superb websites.