Inflexion Interactive Hoboken, NJ
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Hoboken, NJ    

Inflexion Interactive is a digital marketing company that attracts clients from Manhattan and parts west because it has built a tidy reputation for advanced coding and creative innovation that has created industry buzz—buzz enough to compete with larger metro-area custom site developers across the river from Hoboken. Inflexion employs tools like Drupal for enterprise-level website development as well as PHP, Java, Javascript and C+ to optimize and enhance custom layouts that mesh with intelligent back-end website structures. But, it’s the collective efforts of this talented staff that hold things together creatively and technologically: staff takes pride in custom design so intelligently designed and tested, glitches are almost unheard of. Counting both small start-ups and Fortune 1000 businesses among their clientele, Inflexion may be small but it is willing to stand up to competitors residing at high-priced addresses in neighboring Manhattan. Every project is handled by dedicated, tech-savvy specialists willing to go the extra mile—or across the river, if called.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies January 2015

Inflexion Interactive is the digital web design and marketing agency that delivers significant impact to mid-sized and Fortune 1000 businesses. Our creative and tech-savvy specialists plan, execute and manage all your digital marketing needs. We’re trusted marketing partners who work with you in ways that generate results, revenue and brand value.

Inflexion Interactive’s team utilizes cutting-edge technologies to analyze your online presence, improve your marketing and build on your success. Whether you’re launching a responsive website or enhancing your email campaign, we can help.