Lounge Lizard Worldwide New York, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies January 2015

New York, NY    

Admit it: You want to tell your customers that your high-functioning, visually pleasing website was designed by Lounge Lizards and you don’t need a spokeslizard to tell your story thanks to design innovations that range from elegant to witty. Lounge Lizard has called itself the Best of Breed since 1998 and staff credentials prove designers have earned the right to call their agency a best web custom development company with offices on both coasts. Industry movers, shakers and award winners have populated the firm’s personnel roster for 25 years, thus the Lounge Lizard has had plenty of time to establish what it calls its Mixology 101 approach to custom web design: Taste Testing (idea exchanges to assess client needs), Menu Planning (financial resources, realistic expectations and creative strategies), Floor Planning (Wireframe development that sets usability and technological function standards), Bar Stocking (Analysis, testing and fine tuning) and Door Opening (the custom site launch). Add traffic charting and ROI assessment to the Lounge Lizard mix. Wondering how the lizards can morph your most daunting request into a custom website ready to handle everything that comes your way—even green, slithering creatures? Find out by visiting http://www.loungelizard.com/.