Orbit Media Studios Chicago , IL
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Chicago, IL     Ecommerce Specialist, Seo Marketing, Web Design, Web Development    

Orbit Media Studios is a Chicago based company that has been in the web design business for fourteen years. Since 2001, Orbit has worked diligently to provide clients with custom web design that is attractive and engaging. Companies desiring to expand their online businesses benefit greatly from Orbits experience in creating branded websites. Orbit utilizes strategic insight to brand websites in a manner that is effective. The company also specializes in creating responsive website that meets the needs of mobile customers. Not only is Orbit Media Studios well versed in web design and development, the company also understands the importance of blogs and e-mail marketing. Both of these tools draw customers to websites and as such they are an integral aspect of web design. Orbit communicates with companies to understand their business goals so that these goals are reflected in the design and development of the website. Visual and interactive designs are also high on the list of priorities that Orbit has when designing and developing websites. Orbit Media Studios exceeds expectations in the world of website customization.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies December 2015

Orbit Media is made up of passionate and experienced people; we love where we work and what we do. We are focused on one service: web design and development. Our purpose is to serve our clients and our community. We share our expertise whenever possible through events, our blog, and our book. And we always give back to Chicago. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation.