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Portland, OR     Content Marketing, Ecommerce Specialist, Email Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress Specialist    

I’m Meredith Floyd, and I run Six Swans Studios. Twenty years in the professional world have given me a diverse range of skills and experiences that have contributed to the success of my own business, Six Swans Studios. I excel at creating clear, organized systems and frameworks that allow people to work, learn and grow.

I love helping people launch and grow their businesses, finding efficient and effective ways of finding and helping their clients and customers.

Having spent years in the classroom as an elementary educator, I am a firm believer in the power of a story. It is by telling their stories that businesses and entrepreneurs can find their audience. I have seen time and time again that people learn and find inspiration when there is a narrative to follow. Children can learn, businesses can connect with their customers and hobbyists can find like-minded followers when they present a meaningful story for their readers.