Studio 98 Clearwater, FL

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Custom Web Design Companies December 2015

Clearwater, FL    

Although Studio 98 is a relatively young company, it has already begun to transform the way that websites are designed. One innovative approach that the company embraces is live chat. This allows the professional web developers and designers to communicate live with clients and potential clients. Studio 98 is focused on retaining customers, driving traffic and automating business. There are many organizations that are already utilizing Studio98 for web design and development including NASA, Time Warner Cable and Paquin. The company makes a concerted effort to understand the goals of clients so that an effective website can be designed and developed. Studio98 is also unique in that it provides clients with a mock up of how their completed website will look. This gives clients the opportunity to make the appropriate adjustments so that their websites will be personalized and ideal for customer use. Once the site is fully tested and approved it goes live. Attention to detail is the attribute that sets Studio98 apart from other web design firms and makes it one of the best custom web design companies.