Buildrr Syracuse, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies March 2015

Syracuse, NY    

New York-based Buildrr was founded in 2000. Despite the company consisting of a small team of designers and developers, Buildrr easily makes it to the list of the best eCommerce web design companies due to its customer intensive website design approach that transcends the normal customer support offered by web design companies. The company offers web design services for both small businesses and enterprise-level corporations. Buildrr constantly delivers a superior product even for small upstarts running on shoestring budgets. But perhaps what truly sets Buildrr apart is the fact that the company excels at building highly unique websites for all its clients, unlike many companies that rely heavily on templates leading to near-identical websites. Each of the websites it builds is uniquely tailored to a specific niche audience. The company’s web design services covers a wide spectrum of features including the ability to create great online storefronts that keep visitors engaged. Buildrr also has its SEO bases covered as well and offers an in-depth competitive analysis of clients’ websites and those of their competitors what they are doing right. In keeping with its philosophy of providing highly personalized web design services, Buildrr not only communicates with existing and prospective clients using live chat, email and Twitter, but also provides training for clients on how to use their CMS.