Forix Commerce Portland, OR

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies November 2015

Portland, OR    

This Portland, Oregon, based eCommerce website design company is famed for developing unique analytic trackers that oversee various shopper trends and activities on client websites. While Forix is the go to company in Portland for various online merchants, it has received lots of attention both nationwide and globally for the company’s focus on serving independent retailers. The company’s team of professional web page designers is also sensitive to the needs of the client when it comes to removing the usual tech jargon from website design presentations so as to focus on the client’s needs first and foremost.

Forix Commerce understands the importance search engine optimization (SEO) for truly effective and efficient ways and means to boost a client’s website presence online. The SEO advantage that Forix offers is linked to proven product branding and marketing strategies that have earned it kudos within the industry, including best ecommerce web development company.

Still, this website design company does not rest on its laurels because it knows that the job of promoting a web page with SEO and other techniques is a day-to-day effort that needs professional attention. Overall, Forix continues to strive for the best marketing strategy that is specifically designed to match the client’s brand.