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Konstant Info is a company that works within a Magento framework, and they have over two dozen people on staff waiting to help you build your new website. You may not have given any thought to how your site will look when visited on a mobile device, but Konstant Info a company that takes great pride in making your site ready for viewing on mobile devices. The new Google guidelines have changed the way the market for searching works, and Konstant Info has always been ahead of its time in mobile development.

You may work with Konstant Info on your new site at once for a low price, and you may enter into a collaborative effort with Konstant Info that helps you get the e-store you are looking for. Ecommerce is the critical cog in your online sales arsenal, and you cannot leave your web store to chance. Konstant Info will create a website that is simple to market, and your mobile superiority will help you make more money than your competitors. You may play up the mobile capabilities of your site, and Konstant Info will help you stay abreast of any changes in the industry.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies February 2016

At Konstant, we strive to excel in the invention and development of the industry’s most advanced technologies including mobile apps, web, eCommerce, mCommerce, IoT, Wearables, AR/VR, cloud integration, cross-platform, on-demand, enterprise mobility and alike. We translate these technologies into value for our clients’ customers giving them professional and best-in-class services; thereby helping businesses throughout the world harness their full potential.

We love what we do and the people we work with. Our team is half-split between developers, designers, quality analysts and project managers. All of us who work at Konstant share the vision and values of our community. We are driven by the idea that the best work is born when diligence mixes with fun and creativity mixes with professionalism, which makes our process unique.

We make sure everything we do is through the lens of customers. The goal for customers is to not only have a visually attractive product but also make sure it has superb functionality. We accomplish this by building feature-rich, engaging, and user-friendly mobile app and web solutions consisting of intuitive UX, present-day technologies and tools and best-in-class interfaces.