Kraupp Inc. Idaho Falls, ID

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies June 2015

Idaho Falls, ID    

Can a business’s web design bring in business? It certainly can. That is if the website design is built by an awarding winning and creative firm such as Kraupp Inc. Specializing in graphic design, brand design, web development and web design including e-commerce web design, the team at Kraupp Inc. can provide what your need.

Creating a client’s e-commerce website design is done in several steps by Kraupp Inc. During the website design phase, Kraupp Inc. will work at building the visuals along with members of the client’s organization. At the conclusion of a discovery phase, they will have completed site maps, navigation elements for users, documentation and needs look and feel, requirements of capability and functionality, and methods of engagement. They also refine and define a client’s project and concepts through the use of comparative imagery.

The website design is also based on concepts that are specifically created to fit the client’s expectations as well as the perceptions of the client’s target audience and stakeholders. The design concepts are then presented to the client and Kraupp’s overall vision is discussed. Wireframes, prototypes and annotations are created as they continue to further refine the site design until the final creative direction is agreed upon by the client.