Lanex, LLC Milwaukee, WI

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies February 2015

Milwaukee, WI    

Lanex is a Milwaukee based web design and development firm founded in 1999 with a main goal of easy-to-use interface and content management systems for all of their clients. In the time since their beginnings, this company has built a reputation for providing skilled web and eCommerce development, website design, web applications and custom software design, Intranets, and hosting solutions. Lanex prides itself in creating web tools than can be easily understood and maintained by the companies who use them, and their competitive pricing and personalized approach to business has made them a favourite in many industries. They provide services for both small and large organizations and have developed custom web content in many different industries, including non-profit organizations, healthcare providers, and advertising agencies. In the past two decades Lanex has really set itself apart from the competition as one of the best eCommerce web design companies out there.