Leverage Marketing Austin, TX

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies June 2015

Austin, TX    

Leverage Marketing is a digital marketing company built on 17 years of experience in technology development and lead generation. During the 17 years, Leverage Marketing supplied its clients with an excess of 10 million internet leads through systems they designed and developed.

It is no surprise that Leverage Marketing is known as a full-service e-commerce marketing, online marketing and lead generation agency as well as a web ecommerce design company. At the present time, they manage at least $12 million advertising online, and have earned the status of being an esteemed Partner of Google and Marin Certified Agency distinctions.

Leverage Marketing designs and develops ecommerce websites to get improved results. Their approach is based on inbound marketing and is designed to open traffic floodgates to the company’s site. Websites and landing pages built by Leverage Marketing are created around the marketing data compiled by Leverage and their experience in order to acquire the most success with visitors landing on a business’s website.

Leverage Marketing has the creativity, technical proficiency and the know how to determine what will work in improving a company’s website key performance indicators. In order to do this, they use the design skills and the analytical capabilities of their team, use engagement measurement software to decide if and where a site is underperforming, test various site designs to develop insight of which specific design variation will best improve metrics and track the business’s site after launch in order to measure its performance and modify its design to improve campaigns.