Made by Many New York, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies October 2016

New York, NY    

Made By Many is a leading global web design company. They serve companies worldwide, helping them make their marketing efforts effective, by designing them inspiring webs. The company is made- up of a great team of dedicated designers, strategists and engineers. By working cohesively, the company is able to come up with effective solutions each time.

The company thrives by recognizing clients as a vital part of success. Aside from ensuring that each company is designed in alignment with the organization’s structure and vision, they are also keen on timelines. They work out schedules with their customers and ensure that this deadlines are met with a high level of excellence. Therefore, making them the best working partners for those who want projects within a very short deadline. Made By many ensures that each product developed is unique. Also, they ensure that their end products are in line with your business objectives.

Some of their most notable projects include “Skype in the Classroom” for Microsoft. This project was aimed at connecting classrooms using skype, in 230 countries. Made By Many has also worked with other globally recognized companies, such as, Showtime, OXO, TED, and Burberry- Just to mention a few.

Made By Many is excellent at product design, business strategy and software development. They are great with big companies as well as the small. This is a recommendable company for any business looking to achieve excellence with their web design.