Orbitmedia Chicago, IL
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Chicago, IL     Ecommerce Specialist, Seo Marketing, Web Design, Web Development    

OrbitMedia has been serving clients since 2001, and has yet to stop. With hundreds of eCommerce websites in their portfolio, Orbitmedia continues to meet the needs of every client that seeks their service. Orbitmedia offers compelling and organized product pages that will deliver visitors a range of different shopping options to help their shopping experience run smoothly.

Orbit is a Chicago based design company that builds eCommerce sites that can generate targeted traffic, and turn that traffic into sales, as well as returning visitors. Everything that is done through OrbitMedia is responsive with custom features based around the clients particular needs.

With orbitmedia, potential clients can expect content management, and ongoing support even after the project ends.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies January 2016

Orbit Media is made up of passionate and experienced people; we love where we work and what we do. We are focused on one service: web design and development. Our purpose is to serve our clients and our community. We share our expertise whenever possible through events, our blog, and our book. And we always give back to Chicago. We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation.