OuterBox Solutions Inc. Akron, OH

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies February 2015

Akron, OH    

OuterBox Solutions is a website design company that specializes in eCommerce website design, SEO, and general marketing services. Established in 2004, OuterBox Solutions has grown to be one of the largest eCommerce developers in the nation. With its talented team of project managers, designers, developers and search marketing specialists, OuterBox uses the latest in technology to build powerful eCommerce websites that fit the needs of its clients. This company’s focus is on results. It’s team concerns itself with optimizing traffic on sites while helping to build a larger customer base overall. Functionality is at the base of everything this company does, and its employees work hard to put marketing and search engine optimization before aesthetic appeal without sacrificing a clean, inviting look for each client’s eCommerce site. They use an analytics-based approach to gather data on each client helping them find the best way for each company to reach its market goals. Their combination of website design, search engine optimization and marketing has helped OuterBox to become a leader in the website development industry.