Outerbox Akron, OH

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies January 2016

Akron, OH    

Many potential eCommerce customers have a hard time finding a development company that creates custom designs. Outerboxdesign continues to be the opposite of other companies. With their custom design ideology, they continue to give clients everything they want and more by making them as unique as possible in their industry.

When it comes to creating a solid eCommerce site, Outerboxdesign knows the most important factors to include in the overall development, including multiple shopping cart options and solutions.
Clients have always been given a unique website that is streamlined and flexible. With 10+ years under their belt, they know the formula to use when it comes to creating an eCommerce website that works.

Every eCommerce site that is built by Outerboxdesign is SEO focused so that they can easily be found in search engines, which is an important aspect of creating a successful eCommerce website. With their next level strategies, and powerful platforms, Outerboxdesign has the ability to increase ROI in a short period of time.