R2integrated Baltimore, MD

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies March 2015

Baltimore, MD    

R2intergrated, or R2i is a broad-based web design and digital marketing that is located in Baltimore. The company that offers a wide spectrum of services including web design & development, social media marketing, mobile app development, content marketing solutions, organic and paid search marketing and display marketing solutions. Founded in 2003, R2i has worked with industry titans such as Microsoft, Dell, Hershey’s, Under Armor, American Career College, MasterCard, Rose NYC, Webtrends among others. The company has excelled operating as an integrated digital marketing company and understands how to integrate metrics and analytics dashboards into customer ecommerce websites to give a full picture of what’s really going on behind the scenes. The company possesses a deep understanding of how target customers in different niche markets operate and uses its wealth of experience to develop holistic marketing solutions that can make a big positive change in customer sentiment towards a certain brand. The company seems to be particularly adept at turning around underperforming eCommerce businesses by correctly diagnosing the real problems behind the malaise and being spot on with the right tools and solutions to rectify this. R2i also has a very cohesive workforce that gels very well as a team and works on both large and small projects with undivided enthusiasm and attention to detail. The company’s proactive and dynamic approach towards creating digital solutions that really work is what makes R21 stand out from the pack.