Webvanta Sebastopol, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Ecommerce Web Design Companies March 2015

Sebastopol, CA    

Webvanta is the brainchild of former Adobe Systems technology directors Christopher Haupt and Michael Slater who created the company in 2007. Webvanta is one of the finest pure-play web design companies in California today. Even though the company lacks sufficient in-house resources to effectively market your website, their designs are simply top notch. The company has built some excellent SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) websites for companies that sell online apps. The company performs equally well whether it is building a website from scratch or optimizing and redesigning existing websites. The company does not stop there but teaches clients how to maintain their websites. Webvanta, however, does not handle things like logo designs or branding in-house. The company does a great job on social media integration though it does not provide social media marketing services. The company, however, does an excellent job optimizing eCommerce websites for search engine visibility. A peek at the company’s portfolio of past jobs reveals its ability to create highly intuitive and visually appealing retail and corporate websites. Webvanta also excels at optimizing websites for mobile platforms, something that many web design companies overlook. All in all, Webvanta is exceptionally good at creating great-looking and highly functional websites and making them highly visible to search engines.