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Canton, OH     Ecommerce Specialist, Mobile App Development, Seo Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Software Development, Web Design, Web Development    

A3S Media is the leader in specialized Interactive Design, Development, Graphic Design, & Strategy for web and mobile applications in the Northeast Ohio area. Our clients are from a diverse range of markets that span the entire US and overseas. A3S Media balances user-centered design and feedback with our own unique principals of branding, strategy and social media marketing. Unlike most web design companies, A3S Media works side by side with our internet marketing and SEO specialists to create web sites that are both attractive and user-friendly while being designed specifically as a proactive marketing tool for any business. We believe that a company’s website should be its hardest working employee and it is our top priority to make that the case for you. Your website should speak measures for you. We believe that our strategy/mission – “simplify. design. function. interact.” – contains all the necessary principles of a solid experience whether it’s in digital or print media.