Bad Assembly Los Angeles, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies June 2015

Los Angeles, CA    

Bad Assembly is an award-winning nine-year-old digital design team that focuses on digital storytelling and likes a challenge. Their services include creating engaging digital ads that generate clickthroughs. Their expertise includes standard units, takeovers, pushdowns, road-blocks, and mastheads, and they are proud of recently building the first HTML5 Spotify ad to run on Amazon. They create ad for unique real-world venues including Times Square.

With clients like Amazon, Volkswagen, Deutsch and Netflix, Bad Assembly has some serious experience in the digital ad creation universe. One client calls them the “Seal Team 6” of the digital space. Their stunningly modern, content-rich projects accompanied by powerful mobile versions are designed for engagement across all devices. They even help other digital design agencies present their stories powerfully, as they did with 72and Sunny. v

Awards won include 2015 Developer Award, 2015 Awwwards Site of the Day, 2013 FWA Mobile Site of the Day and 2013 Bronze Cyber Lion. Projects they like to showcase include modernizing History Channel’s online presence at and implementing the Tap Project for NY ad agency Droga5 to let anyone open a “tap” for fresh water in an undeveloped nation with a donation on Facebook.