Eden Creative South Bend, IN

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies March 2015

South Bend, IN    

Eden Creative offers branding UX/UI design and development for their clients. They believe in a close collaboration with each of their clients and would like to form an ongoing relationship to build each brand they work on. Eden Creative believes that business can be built off of passion. They also believe that forming a close relationship with their clients will benefit both the client and themselves as a firm. Businesses should be asking why they are doing this for their business before they start working on building their web presence. Everything that is done by the agency has a purpose behind it. It is all about how the audience is impacted from their work. They believe in always improving and strive to continue that growth as they keep improving their business. Their main focus is also having the end in mind while they start at the beginning of their project. They are based in Indiana and are proud of their Midwest routes.