Fat Media

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies February 2015

Fat Media’s approach to webpage design is nothing short of incredible. It’s hardly surprising that this fast-growing British web design firm already has three offices around the U.K., as their approach to custom web design is both efficient and effective.

Fat Media takes its time to understand the needs of its clients. If a client has a pre-existing website, Fat Media will analyze the site’s traffic and engagement to discern which areas of the website are most in need of improvement. A great deal of time and effort is put into developing a strategy for each client’s web design needs. Fat considers your business model, goals, products, and message, taking everything into account when designing your new website.

Perhaps the greatest strength of the Fat Media team is their wide set of skills regarding web design. Fat is an expert in eCommerce web design, animated banner ad creation, and even viral game development! With Fat’s assistance, a bland business website can be transformed into an engaging and interactive client landing-pad.

For clients looking to truly transform their customers’ online experience, consider choosing Fat Media for your web design needs. This award-winning firm will almost certainly become one of the biggest names in custom web design in the years to come.