FocusMX Doylestown, PA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies February 2015

Doylestown, PA    

FocusMX is a web design firm with a passion for success. The Pennsylvania-based web design company is a leader in the world of custom website creation, and their efforts pay off with tangible results. Within months, FocusMX clients often experience booming business growth, with many clients experiencing sales increases of 150% or more.

FocusMX employees have worked with such prestigious clients as Campbell’s Soup, Black & Decker, Pepperidge Farm, Secret Deodorant, and Nissan. The firm prides itself on analyzing the latest trends in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and more, and focuses on applying this information to their web design process. The firm works one-on-one with its clients, engaging in market analysis, visual drafting of web design ideas, and more before diving into each web design project.

This web design firm is the perfect choice for clients looking for a practical and affordable custom web design solution. Businesses looking to improve their online presence or dive into the world of eCommerce would benefit most from the straight-forward and effective website solutions offered by FocusMX. For medium and small businesses seeking the guidance of a content manager in designing and maintaining a custom website, FocusMX offers solutions that will more than meet your needs.v