Ghostly Ferns Brooklyn, NY

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies May 2015

Brooklyn, NY    

Ghostly Fern describes themselves as “not your average design studio,” and “a family of freelancers.” They are a product design firm with a five-person team that does development, web, product, and iOS design, lettering and illustration, and brand design. Around since 2009, their motto is “Let’s make cool stuff.”

Projects featured on their site include AHeirloom product design studio website design and branding, Lantern therapy and self-help app design and illustration, Lincoln Motor Company lettering for campaign aired during the 2014 Grammys, Paperless Post iOS and web product design, and responsive web design for web app Scouted.

The Ghostly Ferns design family includes five diverse and talented creatives with different but related skills, talents, and expertise. They produce clean design and are proud of their recent projects. The Paperless Post project involved designing a new iPad app, updating the original iPhone app, overhauling the main website, and building a comprehensive style guide.

Their work on apps like a Vanity Fair Hollywood Digest app requires exploring unique UX patterns. The illustration work is done with handmade lettering using calligraphy and experimental methods. The team’s synergistic blend of art and development works for clients like Outpost Coffee, bigcartel, Rare Device, placemeter, and The Influence Network.