Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies October 2015

Toronto, Canada,    

Jam3 is a Toronto, Canada based digital production and design agency renowned for its highly innovative and creative web solutions. The company understands that a website is a critical tool of consumption that acts as a window to any business. For this reason, Jam3 has taken into stride the all important element of user-experience and to create solutions that meet and match individual needs and online sensibilities. Everything the company does is informed by its core principle which emphasizes; technology, story and craft. In line with the company’s approach towards efficient website design and craft, Jam3 always places its audience at the forefront of things, by creating solutions that take into effect the guiding principle of good design. The element of craft is exhibited in the finished work; this element is aimed at drawing interest and turning attention into experience. Jam3 is already a world leader in the development of advanced and experimental services targeted at entertainment and advertising industries. In this line of business, the agency’s operations range from live action production, sound design and animation to the development of coded particle systems and working with 3D-engines.