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Meridian, ID     Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Seo Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, Wordpress Specialist    

At Nifty, we focus on helping you come to know what it is your customers are looking for. Then, we make it a goal to help them get to that point as easily as possible.

There are a lot of short term tricks and tactics to get visibility on search engines like Google. But, the strategy that will work for the long haul is search engine optimization practices that benefit the real people who visit your website. We focus on users first and search engines second. That way, we aren’t keeping up with Search Engines, we’re in line with them.

Creating content without a strategic plan is like navigating whitewater without paddles. You might get through it, but you are going to bounce all over, possibly sink, and definitely waste precious resources.

We help you create a strategy that will address where you are, what you have available, who you need to reach, how you are going to do it, and when it will all happen.