Studio98 Clearwater, FL

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies February 2015

Clearwater, FL    

Based in Los Angeles, California and Clearwater, Florida, Studio98 is the best web development company to serve both U.S. coasts. Studio98 prides itself on creating much more than custom-designed websites. Rather, the firm strives to create “showcases” that display clients’ products and services in the very best light possible. The firm has had big success with its approach, wowing such high-profile clients as Time Warner Cable and Grey Suit Retail.

The team at Studio98 is constantly evaluating clients’ websites for challenge areas and problems that need to be addressed. The firm has been particularly success at designing new, fully-responsive, mobile-optimized web interfaces for its clients, which is particularly important, consider nearly two-thirds of site visitors today surf the internet extensively on mobile devices. Along with developing fast, mobile-optimized webpages for their clients, Studio98 strives to ensure that its clients websites are fully responsible and accessible via all browsers and devices. The team is also experienced in completing rush-order projects, completing such complex tasks as building websites from scratch and developing high-security user portals even under extensive time pressure.

All in all, Studio98 is one of the most versatile, reliable custom web design firms of 2015. Their efforts have resulted in many happy customers all around the globe.