Websites Depot Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies July 2015

Los Angeles, CA    

At number six, California’s Websites Depot redefines the meaning of the words efficient web design company. This firm, founded in 2006, has a mere ten employees who manage a client book of between four hundred and five hundred customers. Danny Star and his family sized company do this so very well that they have an almost unbelievable 99% client retention rate. Their best known client is the household air conditioning name Trane of California.

Besides primary focuses on reputation management, web development, and Search Engine Optimization, Websites Depot also offers secondary services like Pay Per Click Management, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing Services to their hundreds of clients. This starts with effective web design and development and extends all the way through to solid Search Engine Optimization and skilled marketing. Yet despite the gamut of services they run, Websites Depot Inc. offers economical pricing for the very cost conscientious marketers out there. These two reasons together are enough to explain why Websites Depot is so very popular and maintains such an astonishingly long roster of active clients.