Webvanta Sebastopol, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Responsive Web Design Companies October 2015

Sebastopol, CA    

Webvanta is a web development company based in Sebastopol, California. The company was founded in 2007 by Michael Slater and Christopher Haupt, who are former directors of Adobe Systems technology. Webvanta is mostly focused on developing solutions for higher learning institutions. The company believes in the provision of the right technology for every assigned task with the goal of reducing the cost and time it takes to create websites. The platforms used by Webvanta to build various sites include its award winning Webvanta Cloud CMS, Ruby on Rails and WordPress.

Webvanta Cloud CMS stands out as a great solution for hosting CMS services, since it supports responsive visual design and custom content structures for every website need. The complete set of solutions offered by Webvanta follows a process of discovery and specification, design, development, testing, hosting and system support. Some of the factors that have earned Webvanta a mention as one of the best responsive web design companies include:
• Development of high quality solutions that fit every market need
• Use of easily accessible and affordable template based solutions
• Provision of comprehensive services starting from the concept stage to maintenance and support
• Provision of well researched, full-custom design solutions