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Need an Indianapolis marketing agency in your corner without having to hire or train staff members?
Have you been burned by ad agencies in the past?
Do you think you can’t afford a marketing firm or marketing consultant?

Early in my career, after having worked in corporate marketing and ad agencies across Indiana, Illinois and Alabama. I saw how marketing teams were always understaffed, and marketing budgets were the first to be cut in times of financial struggle (including my own job, at times). Conversely, I also saw the excessive waste and high-dollar pricing in the advertising and PR agency environment, which was often too pricey for most small businesses to afford. I knew there had to be a better way.

I started AimFire Marketing in 2005 to help businesses needing the true marketing support of an expert marketing consultant — companies that don’t want to pay top dollar for interns or recent college grads like the other Indianapolis ad agencies hire. My clients continue to receive valuable marketing support, without the high agency price tag or the excessive overhead costs of a full- or part-time marketing employee.