Leverage Marketing Newtown, CT

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Seo Web Design Companies December 2015

Newtown, CT    

Leverage Marketing has a vast portfolio of sites that they have helped build and have built themselves. Having done a promotional for Hostess’ chocolate cupcakes, this site can bring in the big guns to make sure that you’re satisfied on a professional level. The CEO began at Leverage Marketing in 1999 with a background of Platinum Marketing. The leadership team has only six people in it, and they run the show all on their own. In 2015, they took home 8 Marketing awards for clients such as Berkshire Bank and Fairfield County Bank. They have the past of winning NEFMA awards and are constantly striving for new clients and better experiences. They coordinated bubble wrap appreciation day. Based in Connecticut, these six people pull together and get as much done as possible making them one of the leading SEO development companies in the world.