Magic Logix Carrollton, TX

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Seo Web Design Companies March 2016

Carrollton, TX    

This leading SEO marketing firm is a stunning addition to this list. They specialize in user interface and experience. Web design, branding, and E-commerce are only the tips of this giants iceberg. The services provided are shown in a dynamic and interesting way, making it clear that Magic Logix is serious. With clients like FedEx under their belt, this top ranking marketing site doesn’t only focus on SEO. Their blog provides categories so you can search for just what you want. This gives you the ability to see what you may need so that you can request it from them. Based in Texas, Magic Logix seems to have it all when it comes to marketing and is a leading SEO marketer. By keeping partnerships with sites like Drupal, they are able to bring their clients the best possible products and solutions to their specific needs. This team of 13 people has to work hard to bring consistent quality solutions to any problem. Magic Logix is a group pf people that seems to be able to take on any problem and finish any project. With a positive looking site and works page, they deserve their place on this list.