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Monkey Coders is noted for offering affordable web design services with an emphasis on employing effective search engine optimization techniques to increase online visibility. The company also has a knack for creating “mobile-friendly” website designs to ensure optimal accessibility from various devices. Monkey Coders’ services extend to online store design and brand-building. The company is known for employing SEO techniques designed to achieve high rankings while also placing content in front of the customers that clients actually want to reach. The team at Monkey Coders takes the point of view that what clients really want to do is navigate complex mathematical algorithms used to compile search engine rankings to reach the desired audience. The company will advice clients on how to boost the visibility not just of a website’s homepage, but subsequent pages within the site plus any possible landing pages where customers are likely to be directed to via online searches. Monkey Coders is also ranked as one of the best SEO web design companies due to an ability to delivery results quickly, or, as the company so aptly puts it on their website, “faster than a banana split.” The company’s affordable services are primarily targeted at smaller businesses.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Seo Web Design Companies November 2015

Monkey Coders was founded by a nationally recognized creative agency that deals with mid- to large-sized business. We created this website to tailor to the small- to mid-sized companies that have a need for a website(s), online e-commerce, logos and/or peripheral services. We want to make sure your business gets the resources it needs at an affordable cost with quick turnarounds. We were a small company at the start and understand the need for highly effective strategies that fit your small- to mid-sized budget.

Strategists, researchers, product managers, UX/UI designers, technologists, web and mobile developers all working together, dedicated to your brand and your product. Talk To Our Team.

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