Straight North CHICAGO, IL

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Seo Web Design Companies November 2015


Straight North is so confident in its ability to produce results that it tracks leads generated on its homepage. Straight North is the best SEO Web development company according to many satisfied clients because of a focus on producing responsive, lead-generating websites with search engine optimized content designed to reach each clients’ desired audience. Self-described as a “growth-minded,” the company primarily serves small and mid-size businesses looking to increase sales, generate more productive leads, and increase e-commerce revenue. These goals are often achieved for clients through creative, long-term strategies, adherence to acceptable best practices, and comprehensive execution coupled with internal processes. The core service offered by Straight North today is SEO. It’s an approach to increasing online visibility that the company has employed on some level since 1997, successfully helping hundreds of businesses reach their target audience while generating more online traffic. All results are provided in real-time so clients clearly determine what’s working for them and what areas need further attention. An emphasis on transparency also allows clients to clearly see their ROI. The company’s SEO services include extensive keyword research, the creation of persuasive ad copy across all online platforms, and system for testing results and validating leads.