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We are dedicated to the assurance that our customers will receive both value and quality from every website we build. And we understand not every site fits a “package” or “plan”. So we are always willing to allow you to set your own standards and we will work within a budget that you set. And perhaps one of our most shocking value-adds: We are never done. Even after your website’s completion, after you’ve settled the account and paid all of your bills, we are still there constantly monitoring your site to ensure that it does everything we said it would, and if it doesn’t, we make the changes to that site to ensure that it does.

There are a few types of “SEO”; the type of SEO we do is the originally intended type — organic. Other “SEO” methods out there include spam and advertising.

Spam SEO is when a company tasks bots (computers) to submit your website link on as many sites as you pay for. In theory and in the past, this would raise your reputation. Today’s evolution of search engines detecting these manipulations have rendered it all but inert.