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If its name and website isn’t clear, let it be known that Huemor is one unique web design agency. Since they were established in 2011, the team of 10 has won 21 awards (in 2014, just 3 years after opening) and made many happy customers.

Huemor is focused on helping businesses grow. They want to do more than just create a website – they want to tell their client’s story. That’s why their priority is strategizing. The Huemor team first learns as much as they can about their client – where they’ve been, who their customers are, where they want to go. Then, they develop a plan to help them get there.

They love to work outside the box on every project, whether that’s a brand new website or upgrading an existing one. Huemor also operates with a high level of collaboration – they want their client involved every step of the way to ensure that the final product really speaks to who they are.

Their final product is guaranteed to be effective, beautiful, and fast loading. They also keep the websites updated and secure, leaving their clients to the work they’re best at. Because of this commitment to their clients and their success, Huemor has earned the #5 spot.

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies November 2015

Our company hasn’t outgrown the us-against-the-world mentality of our early days, but we learned passion alone doesn’t deliver ROI, results do. So we use data — not just our guts — to support every decision we make. We focus on strategy-led design, not trends, and we run tests with real people to study the nuance of user behavior.

We combine passion and process to build beautiful websites that convert.

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