Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies October 2016

Vancouver, BC,    

ImageX is a Vancouver based web design company, founded in the year 2001. Since the year 2006, the company has been exclusively designing Drupal-based websites. The company is known to have the world’s leading content management system.

Working with ImageX starts with a great strategy. The strategy governs them throughout the projects. The company employs a highly-talented team of consultants who go out of their way to ensure that clients get high-performing websites. After coming up with the perfect strategy, they execute it- Testing it in every stage to ensure that it’s foolproof. Also, they conveniently ensure that their products are highly flexible, to cope with any future changes.

Differentiating itself from other web design companies, ImageX offers continued support, even after service delivery. Their support and maintenance team offers the required support when the need arise. This, they not only ensure brand excellence in the short run but, also, in the long run.

ImageX is best for companies working on a budget and looking to save money, in the future, through their websites. The open source content management software used helps to save clients service fees that are tied to the products. Additionally, it helps lower the cost of future Drupal web design services.

With ImageX, everything is done in-house. This eliminates the need to have multiple service providers. The implication of this is consistency. In addition, this factor helps to lower down the total cost of web design projects.

Some of their key clients include Apple, Adidas, Adobe, Samsung, Linux, Trinity and Disney.