Mightybytes Chicago, IL

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies November 2015

Chicago, IL    

Founded in 1998, Mightybytes has 17 years of web design experience. Their focus is on conscious companies, those doing their part to reduce consumption and help both people and the planet. This mostly consists of non-profit companies, both small and mid-market, but they have worked with companies of all types and sizes.

They are Chicago-based, so almost everyone gets to work in an environmentally friendly way (bus, CTA, etc.). They are so committed to environmental and social change that they became a Certified B Corporation in July 2011. This means that they are committed to 3 things: people, planet, and prosperity. The people they are committed to are both their employees, clients, and the community. They work to create a positive work environment, satisfied customers, and volunteer in the community. To help the planet, they focus on sustainability and have a green office building. The prosperity part comes from them using their profit for good.

Mightybytes hs earned this #9 spot with their energy-efficient web design and commitment to people, planet, and prosperity. They are responsible, collaborative, and creative, and do an excellent job on every website.