Momentum 18 Atlanta, GA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies February 2015

Atlanta, GA    

An Atlanta-based company, Momentum 18 specializes in working with small to mid-sized businesses to focus on branding through digital media. This design firm was founded in 2003, and it thinks of itself a boutique ad agency. Combined with the power of a creative design studio, the designs coming out of this agency give businesses a leg up over competitors who let designers that don’t understand branding build their sites. The company has worked with lots of different types of businesses in various industries: engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and many other fields. Its services include branding, graphic design,
web design, and advertising. The company philosophy is that taking the right approach is a foundational element of success in any endeavor. It approaches projects mindfully, and it brings passion, creativity, and smart design together to convey exactly the right message. Its clean approach to design leads to professional-looking websites that say as much by what they don’t have as by what they do feature. No flashy, gimmicky, outdated designs are coming out of this firm. The company understands logo creation, and that helps make it one of the best design agencies to be found. Some of its logos have won awards, and many have been featured in design books.