Prager Micro Systems Collegeville, PA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies December 2014

Collegeville, PA    

Visit the Pager web development company website ( and you’ll be invited to let creatives rock your world. They are quick to remind browsers that they pride themselves on design development blended with personal touches, though they also claim that what separates this web developer from the herd is technology. Proponents of careful research and discovery processes to make sure every client is involved with their project every step of the way, Prager assigns a User Interface Specialist (UIX) to each client from start to finish. Boasting original and unique code conception, a team of talented innovators and a testing program that puts every new web site through its paces via all major browsers so there are no launch disasters, Prager works hard to ensure a completely monitored process, including the outcome every client wants to see: If their work results in traffic surges so heavy you need a police presence to keep order, your website will keep moving like the Energizer Bunny.