Project 6 Berkeley, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies March 2015

Berkeley, CA    

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Project 6 has been creating websites since 2001. They’ve built their business around a few key ideas. They always ask plenty of questions and listen to their clients to gain a better idea of who they are, what they are looking for and how each client wants to build their brand. They collaborate with clients and keep them involved in every step of the project, so the heart and soul of each brand shines through on the website. Project 6 always delivers projects on time and within the agreed upon budget, again, checking in with the client through every step of the way to ensure both time and money are always considered. They have a large number of employees that work in small teams, ensuring clients always feel well heard and well taken care of. Their teams support each other and feed off of each other to keep ideas fresh and well thought out. They always try to keep the same team members teamed up with each client, so clients always know the people working on their project.

Project 6 specializes in branding, print and digital. They come up with strong ideas to strengthen or create a brand for each company that has an emotional connection. They have writers and editors who can communicate each company’s mission to their clients. They also create user-friendly experiences on websites and email campaigns that include interactive ads and mobile applications.