Skuba New Orleans, LA, CA

Best Web Firm Award Logo in Web Design Companies February 2015

New Orleans, LA, CA    

Skuba is a New Orleans based company that focuses on strategies to help businesses reach new customers and engage with the ones they already have. Founded in 2000, the company brings together a network of local talented and creative people to create amazing websites. Its staff includes graphic designers, marketers, multimedia experts, web development gurus, photographers, and illustrators. They help startups launch. They help brands launch. It’s what they do. They listen to clients ideas and help expand them into something more unique. Though Skuba has experienced markets, designers, and developers, they also have passion. This puts them on a different level than an average design firm. The company does web design, mobile apps, layouts, graphic design, and motion graphics. It also helps business develop research strategies that help them understand their customers and their target market better. This company doesn’t outsource any of its work, and it only works with designers who have degrees, experience, and talent.