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Content Marketing Writer’s Block? Easy Solution…

If you’re into content marketing for seo sometimes you just run out of things to say.  The amount of content that is expected from you makes it all but impossible that it won’t happen to you eventually.  I’ve heard two great pieces of advice to tell you, because if I need the reminder of how […]

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Getting Twitter Followers is Easy. If You Know This Trick

Most times when you look into how to go about getting followers on social media you’ll probably hear a lot of talk about how you need to make high quality, valuable content to post.  I’m here to say that’s not true. Not only is it not true, but the idea that you could put out enough high […]

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Los Angeles Web Marketing

Web Marketing Los Angeles

There’s something special going on in Los Angeles.  It seems that west coast internet marketing companies can bring the flavor!  Just one look at the quality graphics on Trinet Solutions site and you know they mean serious business. Web Marketing in Los Angeles is Serious Business

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Thank You Web Designers… Mobile Reading Comprehension Surpasses Desktop

In 2010 we all knew that small screens made browsing the web tougher.  You may not have expected that that translated into lower reading comprehension.  That not only was it hard to read, but understanding of what you were reading* was also effected by the screen size. User comprehension scores on the Cloze test were […]

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How Google Makes Web Design Suck

Let me ask two questions Question #1 In your normal everday life, how do you know who the “best car repair company” is?  How do you know which place is the “best restaurant”, “best furniture store”, or “best web design company” for that matter? If you’re like most people on the planet you go to google and […]

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LPT (for entrepreneurs) : Accelerate Your Time

Starting and running a business is more time consuming than you can imagine.  It takes real discipline to move beyond a one or two person shop and grow exponentially.  In order to do it, you need to “Accelerate Your Time”.

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The Fastest SEO Results Ever

Have you noticed anything weird about Google lately?  It’s hard to pick up, unless you’re already looking for it, but it’s interesting to say the least.   This could be an exaggeration (but probably isn’t)… apparently Google is monitoring the internet in real time.

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New Google Sites Launched!

As part of some pro-bono work we manage a website for a community organization.  To get it up ultra quickly (and without any hosting costs) we used Google Sites.  Sometimes we’re sorry we have, sometimes we’re happy. It’s a sort of love hate relationship. Today we logged in to make some changes and quickly found an […]

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