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Blue Frog Web Design™

All of our designs are custom solutions and uniquely tailored to meet the needs of every client which means there is no standard cookie cutter price.

Sacramento CA

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Regardless of your industry, the right strategy and content can make the difference between mail being trashed or transformed into a profit. There are also several studies–Adobe published another one a few weeks ago–that people actually prefer to receive commercial messages via email more than any other channel. The Adobe study also found 63% of consumers still prefer to get marketing offers via email. The easiest way is to start collecting email addresses on your own site. You want to add an opt-in box–the form where people can directly enter their email address–to the top and bottom of every page on your site or in a pop up box. Consider offering an eBook, whitepaper, or some sort of incentive in exchange for your customer’s email addresses. Building your list will absolutely pay off in the long term. Purchased lists tend to get awful results–results so bad you’ll wish you had just been patient and built a list. Bought lists also get high spam complaints, which can affect the deliverability rates for your entire list. Not to mention that it’s impossible to tell where and how these email addresses were collected originally, which could place you in violation of email marketing laws like CanSPAM. Click here for a sample email marketing campaign message.

The best way to make something stand out is to make it pop. This is done with color and great designs and meant to grab attention. We are great at making custom banners/profile pics/cover photos for your website as well as all of your social media sites. Why would you want custom images for your social sites? Each image holder is a specific size and just adding an existing photo will most likely result in some clipping/cropping/re-sizing or other artifacts that distort your original image and make your business social presence look unprofessional or amateur. We want to make sure all of your online presences look professional.


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