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Blue Iris Webdesign

Blue Iris Web Design a marketing solutions for the internet.

Lexington MA

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I began designing and developing websites for small business owners and organizations in 2000. That was back in the day of tables and IE5. How far we have come in 15 years! Thanks to those in the W3C who have worked hard to bring standards to our internet driven world, we no longer need to serve up different websites for each browser. Front end developers can focus on more important things; how to bring to our clients the latest technologies and services the web has to offer and wrap it up in an elegant and easy to use website that can be easily found in a Google search.

This, of course, is not such an easy task. Since 2000 we have been introduced to blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and now responsive web design. The web seems to reinvent itself every year and keeping up is challenging. In the past 5 years the acceleration of available web technologies and the impact of social media, tablets and smart phones has completely transformed this field. I’ve watched many of my fellow front end designers and developers fall by the wayside in search of a more predictable career. I’ve also watched the emergence of many new, more social media savvy designers enter the market only to exit rather quickly once they find out it requires flexibility, an eye for user experience, an understanding of a variety of business models, the ability to work well with others, and above all, problem solving skills.

This field involves continually thinking outside of the box, persistence in seeking a better solution and motivation to stay current and fresh. I find myself fortunate in that I have had some amazing clients to work with. In working to define their internet marketing presence, I often find they bring new insights to me as well. I consider my client relationships as valuable partnerships. Their success is my success.


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