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Clocktower Media

Clocktower Media is an award winning web design, development, and online marketing agency

Kirkland WA

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For 15 years now our team has been creating custom, one-of-a kind Seattle web designs for our clients throughout the greater Seattle region!
People often ask us, “What makes Clocktower Media unique?” This page is an attempt to answer that question – here are five unique attributes that make us who we are:

Personality: Each team member that we hire is a “genius” in their individual craft. Experience, creativity and passion are characteristics that each of our team members exude, so those are attributes of Clocktower’s DNA.

Creativity: Early on, Clocktower Media adopted a school of thought that aims to raise the bar with every new project that comes through our front door. “Run of the mill” has no place within our walls. This type of thinking has kept our design and development teams on the front lines of web technology, always looking to produce something new and creative.

Transparency: Our goal as a company is to be very open and honest with our clients and with each other. Everyone in our company would attest that this has helped us create deeper, longer-lasting business relationships, and we believe that in turn has produced our vibrant referral business.

Delivery: On time and on budget – that’s our mantra. In fact, from the very beginning of your project, our team will work closely with you to hash out even the smallest details so that we can provide you with accurate, realistic time lines. This detailed project initiation process lends to our ability to finish and launch projects on time and on budget.


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